It's Flag day Everyday

What is TQR?

Celtic circle coin

TQR aka Celtic Circle Coin is a private cryptocurrency rewards token for the TQR play-to-earn game; ‘FLAG DAY’, which is built using a customised rewards mechanism on the TQR telegram channel. TQR is secured by the Beam Privacy blockchain and is asset ID #10. TQR is a fully private cryptocurrency token and transactional data cannot be seen outside of the participant’s own Beam wallet.


Total Capped Supply = 12,000,000,000 (12 billion) Celtic Circle Coin
0.00000001 OF 1 TQR = 1 ‘dross’


The official wallet for TQR is Beam Wallet.
Beam Wallet can be download by clicking on the button given below.

How to mine TQR

Particpants must join the telegram channel and initiate the tqr mining bot, by validating their beam privacy receiving address. Participants will not be able to post in the channel until a beam address is linked to your telegram user account. Command functions of the TQR bot can be viewed by using the command; /help in direct message with the bot. TQR rewards are claimed by the participant who is first to post a gif / meme / image / file / any content, of a flag or flags on-the-minute, every minute, to mine a block of TQR. each block reward contains the amount of TQR according to the timestamp at which the participant flag is raised. for example; raise a flag at 2359hrs, you will earn a block reward of 23.59 TQR, with only one reward per timestamp being awarded to only the first participant to post on-the-minute. in total there is possibility of 2358 blocks of TQR rewarded, per day (where 0000hrs provides no reward).

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